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Evelyn McDonnell


  • Nine Inch Nails and Jane's Addiction Launch NIN/JA in Florida

    Everyone, check your copies of Ritual de lo Habitual: Somewhere, there's a Dorian Gray-esque portrait of Jane's Addiction that shows the band members losing their hair and growing paunches. Onstage Friday night in West Palm Beach at the first night of the NIN/JA tour — Jane's reunion, Nine Inch Nails' swan song — the four […]

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  • Dance Hall At Louse Point

    Ever since laying herself bare on the first PJ Harvey album, Dry, Polly Jean Harvey has been struggling to find a pose within which to hide. There was the bravado of "50 Ft. Queenie" on Rid of Me, then the flamenco drama of To Bring You My Love. Now we're supposed to think of Dance […]

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  • Tori Amos: 'Boys for Pele'

    The tension between secular desires and spiritual devotion has fueled rock & roll frenzy since Day One, so to speak, when the fundamen-talist-reared Jerry Lee Lewis took the highway to hell on “Great Balls of Fire” and the gospel-trained Little Richard began testifying in ecstatic boogie-woogie whoops. At various times in their lives, Jerry Lee […]

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  • 4-Track Demos

    The pop Industry loves to simulate authenticity, a trick that, like the manufacturing of fake antiques, puts demands on the consumer. It's hard to tell an original (Michelle Shocked's The Texas Campfire Tapes) from a copy (the Cowboy Junkies). So make no mistake: Raw, revelatory and indispensable, 4-Track Demos is no mere PJ Harvey Unplugged. […]

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