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Eric Magnuson


  • Invented

    It's been a decade since these emo pioneers broke through and helped 15-year-old sad sacks everywhere get through high school. And while Jimmy Eat World rock more like the Foo Fighters today than mopey young men, they still know how to write a catchy, forlorn hook — maybe too well. The jangling acoustic pop of […]

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  • 11:59

    Best known for placing sixth on Rock Star: Supernova in 2006, Ryan Star returns with a much-delayed major-label debut album filled with second-rate pop rock and a formula he beats senseless: He takes his brooding rasp from a muttered whisper to an overwrought rock howl about nine times too many. Veering off the format once […]

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  • The Boxer

    Kicking off his solo debut, Bloc Party frontman Kele Okereke immediately announces that he wants to 'cut ties to the past and wave it goodbye.' For the rest of The Boxer, Kele makes good on that promise: Produced by Spank Rock collaborator XXXChange, The Boxer slices off the tightly wound post-punk of Kele's day-to-day band […]

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