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Debby Miller


  • Let It Be

    This is a brilliant rock & roll album: as loose as it is deliberate, as pretty as it is hard rocking and as pissed off at all the right things ("Seen Your Video," "Androgynous") as it is hilarious ("Gary's Got a Boner"). Paul Westerberg — the Replacements' lead singer, songwriter and principal guitarist on Let […]

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  • Like A Virgin

    In the early Sixties, when girls were first carving their niche in rock & roll, the Crystals were singing about how it didn't matter that the boy they loved didn't drive a Cadillac car, wasn't some big movie star: he wasn't the boy they'd been dreaming of, but so what? Madonna is a more, well, […]

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  • How Will The Wolf Survive?

    Mixing the soul of rural Mexican music with good-rocking American roots, How Will the Wolf Survive? is one of the best records of 1984. Singer David Hidalgo, who will break your heart with two gorgeous tunes called "Will the Wolf Survive?" and "A Matter of Time," sounds a lot like Fifties Chicano rocker Ritchie Valens: […]

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  • Run-D.M.C.

    Most Rap's just a beat and a boast, but Run and D.M.C., a pair of New York rappers, let the beat run wild and turn the boasts into messages that self-improvement is the only ticket out. Trading off lines or even the words within a line, they get into a vocal tug of war that's […]

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  • Bruce Springsteen in the Heartland

    After three years off the road, Bruce hasn't lost his magic. He gives his audience powerful renditions of songs from 'Nebraska' and 'Born in the U.S.A.'

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  • Born in the U.S.A.

    Though it looks at hard times, at little people in little towns choosing between going away and getting left behind, Born in the U.S.A, Bruce Springsteen's seventh album, has a rowdy, indomitable spirit. Two guys pull into a hick town begging for work in "Darlington County," but Springsteen is whooping with sha-la-las in the chorus. […]

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  • Springsteen and Jacksons Highlight Summer Concert Season

    A roundup of the hottest tours in the U.S. and Europe

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  • Private Dancer

    Rolling on the river without Ike in the boat, Tina Turner makes a powerful comeback on Private Dancer. Turner throws herself into the material here, her voice rasping but strong, physical and impossibly sensual. There isn't a single dud among the songs, and they're given modern rock settings that are neither detached nor very fussy. […]

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  • Van Halen's Split Personality: How a Geek and a Physique Created Thud Rock's Most Successful Oddsemble

    "That incredible virtuosity combined with that beautiful grin allows me to forgive [Eddie Van Halen] for letting David Lee Roth stand in front of him," Pete Townshend says

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  • You Shouldn't-Nuf Bit Fish

    Free your mind and your ass will follow" has always been George Clinton's foremost message to the world. But even while he campaigns to unlock your mind, it's clear his real goal is to shake your tail feathers. Which is why Urban Dancefloor Guerillas may be his most perfect record: Not only is it filled […]

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