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Debby Bull


  • Radio

    The hipsters got hipped to L.L. Cool J, the seventeen-year-old from Queens, New York, when his insistent "I Can't Live Without My Radio" rocked the movie Krush Groove. Banging and clapping and squealing with hiphop rhythms, the song is a forceful defense of those gargantuan cassette players that torment subway riders: both a funny and […]

    • Music
  • Chris Columbus: Runaway Success

    'Gremlins' and 'Young Sherlock Holmes' screenwriter has gone from zero to 60 in Hollywood and dreams of a world run by dogs

    • TV & Movies
  • Wham! Wham! Thank You, Ma'am

    MTV sells rock stars to teen girls

    • Music
  • Billy Crystal's Winning Season

    He looks marvelous, he acts marvelous, he is marvelous!

    • (Sub)Culture
  • Brothers In Arms

    Except for their swell debut hit single, "Sultans of Swing," in 1979, the British band Dire Straits has never come as much of a surprise. And, then, what caught you off guard was how much the singer sounded like Dylan. Brothers in Arms, their first studio album since Love over Gold three years ago, offers […]

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