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Davitt Sigerson


  • Bad

    Michael Jackson is a man. Agreed, he is a young man, emotional age about thirteen, with a young man's interest in cars, girls, scary movies and gossip. But adolescent stardom, Jehovah's Witnesses wackiness and unadulterated genius have kept this faux-porcelain elephant man more childlike than any oxygen-tank sleeping device ever could. Bad is the work […]

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  • Break Every Rule

    The legs, the hair, the history! If Tina Turner comes across like a marketing concept in shimmy shoes, she's only being true to her past. Turner's never been an originator; instead, she's always been the expression of that colorful ex-husband or today's smooth corporate team. It's just as well that she doesn't call the musical […]

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  • True Blue

    Of all current superstars, none has manipulated the apparatus of fame more astutely than Madonna. Like Prince, she recognized the virtue of a one-word name and demonstrated the truth of an old adage — sex sells. She has played America's public morals like a virtuoso, building from starlet to megaslut to bad girl with a […]

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  • He Is the Light

    There's nothing new about the new Al Green record. His new label, A&M, is the distributor of his old label, Word. His new producer, Willie Mitchell, was the producer of his classic hits. His subject matter, unambiguous praise of the Lord, hasn't changed since the late Seventies. What's uncanny about the new Al Green record, […]

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