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David Thigpen


  • Jam Master Case Gets Cloudier

    Sources say police are on the wrong track

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  • Pearl Jam, Eagles, Natalie Merchant, More Flee Labels

    Big acts look to release their music all on their own

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  • Will "Idol" Winner Be a Star?

    Kelly Clarkson plans tour and album, but will it be a hit?

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  • Keep Movin' On

    Of all the phases of Sam Cooke's brief, incandescent career — from his early gospel stardom to his amazing leap into pop and soul that almost single-handedly shoved black music into the future — none is more tantalizing than the recordings he made during his final days. From 1963 until his murder in 1964, Cooke […]

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  • Michael's Show a Thriller

    All-star concert as bizarre as the man himself

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  • You Had It Coming

    Sure, they've got lightning moves and thundering power, but guitar gods live by the same laws that govern lesser mortals: Only the most adaptable shall prevail. So now that old masters like Clapton and Santana are enjoying pop-propelled career rebirths, it's fair to ask, what about Jeff Beck? You Had It Coming, Beck's second solo […]

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  • You Win Again

    For years now, Van Morrison has been resolutely chipping away at his own myth: The sublime Celtic poet, the transcendental visionary of Moondance and Astral Weeks — nothing would please him more than to see those images crumble and fall away. Morrison's third record in less than two years is earthy, barreling blues, R&B and […]

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  • Pearl Jam Set Sales Record with 'Vs.'

    The Seattlites' sophomore album knocks Guns 'N Roses off the top of the first-week sales ranking

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