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David McGee


  • Platinum: A Life In Music

    The Elvis juggernaut rolls on, gaining a posthumous momentum that threatens to make his life irrelevant save as fodder for the enrichment of various commercial entities. On its surface, the handsome new four-CD box Platinum: A Life in Music would seem to follow the pattern. Of the 100 tracks here, 77 are hyped as being […]

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  • Bruce Springsteen Reclaims the Future

    The Boss takes control after a bitter ten-month struggle with manager Mike Appel. An exclusive report on the legal battle

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  • I Remember Patsy

    If Dolly Parton is the ideal contemporary female country singer — one who exudes traditional values while at the same time asserting herself in a manner unlike the Total Woman — then Patsy Cline (who died in a plane crash in 1963) was the ideal traditional female country singer, for whom home and hearth and […]

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  • Hasten Down The Wind

    When I say welcome back, don't think of John Sebastian's awful song, or the equally awful television show it introduces. Think instead of a gifted singer — perhaps our most gifted — who has given us (arguably, I admit) some 40 memorable songs but failed, and miserably so, to connect with much passion on her […]

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  • Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young To Die!

    Ian Anderson should stick to music, because he most definitely is not a storyteller. This is the muddled story of one Ray Lomas, "the last of the old rockers," whose long hair and tight jeans mark him as a person whom time has passed by. After a series of events remarkable only for their lack […]

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  • Gimme Back My Bullets

    There was a time when Lynyrd Skynyrd's music was tough. It had drive and force; it was impossible to ignore. But last year's Al Kooper-produced Nuthin' Fancy revealed the band's soft underbelly and Gimme Back My Bullets, produced by Tom Dowd, is an extension of its predecessor. It starts strong but fails to deliver. The […]

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