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Dave Marsh


  • 'Sylvain Sylvain' Album Review

    'Sylvain Sylvain' is a rock & roll statement about what matters, and it comes from the soul of a master

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  • Peter Gabriel [3]

    Lucid and driven. Peter Gabriel's third solo album sticks in the mind like the haunted heroes of the best film noirs. With the obsessiveness of The Big Sleep (or, more aptly, Jean-Luc Godard's Breathless, since Gabriel is nothing if not self-conscious about his sources), the new LP's exhilaration derives from paranoia, yet its theme isn't […]

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  • Peter Gabriel [2]

    Peter Gabriel's first solo album promised some sort of reconciliation between art rock and the rock mainstream: it had the sense of a breakthrough in negotiations between warring factions. Its two most direct hard-rock songs, "Modern Love" and "Solsbury Hill," were among 1977's most underrated. Gabriel's second solo LP (which has the same title, or […]

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  • Who's On Broadway?

    Pete Townshend discusses bringing the rock opera to the Great White Way

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  • Midnight Love

    As a comeback album, Marvin Gaye's Midnight Love is remarkably arrogant: it simply picks up from 1973's Let's Get It On as if only ten minutes, and not a confusing ten years, had elapsed since Gaye hit his commercial peak. But make no mistake: this record, which has become the biggest crossover hit of the […]

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  • Here at Last...Bee Gees...Live

    Trying to conceive of the Bee Gees without the Beatles is as impossible as imagining the Osmonds without the Jackson Five. Though it is easy to forget it in this disco daze, the Bee Gees were the original ersatz, presented under the auspices of Brian Epstein himself. So it's only appropriate that their live album […]

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  • Ghoulish Beatlemania: Thoughts on the Death of John Lennon

    What happens when the world stops seeing the Beatle as a man and only sees him as a symbol?

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  • What Do You Do When You'e Not a Kid Anymore And You Still Want to Rock and Roll

    Not quite an old dog, the singer and songwriter tries something new with his first rock movie "One-Trick Pony"

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  • Empty Glass

    As a fundamentally religious artist, Pete Townshend fashions his music from sermons and confessions. Though it's not an easy thing for intellectuals to admit, this is well within the limits of rock & roll tradition. From the beginning, rock has been a music that's attracted evangelical Protestants, lapsed Catholics, cabalistically inclined Jews and yearning acidheads. […]

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  • Back on the Right Track

    It goes almost without saying that Sly Stone's early songs (from "Dance to the Music" through "Hot Fun in the Summertime") were inspired and prophetic, a mixture of rock and soul that united white and black audiences as effectively as anything since Elvis Presley's first recordings. What happened later might be tragedy, or it might […]

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