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Dave DiMartino


  • Fifty $hades, Father John Misty Separately Score (& More)

    Plus, new music from Rhiannon Giddens, Vijay Iyer Trio and more

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  • The Go-Betweens Boxed, Ezra Pounds & More

    Hear new music from Jamie Cullum, the Punch Brothers and more this week

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  • Sleater-Kinney's Sizzling Return, Belle And Sebastian's Smooth Move & More

    New albums also from Fall Out Boy, Marilyn Manson

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  • Mark Ronson's Magic Mix, Dandy Panda & More

    Mark Ronson: Uptown Special (RCA) It isn’t as if this very impressive collection of songs has arrived here unannounced: “Uptown Funk,” instantly soaring to the top of the charts via the presence of singer Bruno Mars and an impossibly tight rhythm section, led the way with conspicuous grandeur. But Ronson’s art as a producer, DJ […]

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  • D'Angelo's Stunning Return, Charli XCX's Royal Arrival & More

    D'Angelo And The Vanguard: Black Messiah (RCA) However unexpectedly, and thoroughly delightfully, the near subversive release of Black Messiah on Sunday night took most people by surprise and—with a complete absence of the now standard lead-up hype—dominated most music fans’ conversations on Monday. This record is simply that good. Fourteen years in the making? No, […]

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  • AC/DC Rock, Don't Bust; Mary J.'s Brit Encounter & More

    AC/DC: Rock Or Bust (Columbia) There is something extraordinarily, mathematically pure about AC/DC that maybe escaped most critics’ notice back in their very early days of the ’70s, when, if they were written about at all, it was only to be portrayed as the legendary Easybeats’ dopier side of the family. But they were an […]

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  • Eminem's Discreet Charm, Coldplay's Replay, & More

    Eminem & Various Artists : Shady XV (Shady) Who would have expected the aggressively moronic, delightfully stoopid, and habitually offensive Eminem to remain such a joy all these years later? Yet here he is, the now no longer a disenchanted youth but a full-grown disaffected 42-year-old, making casual rhymes about being Pinocchio while no less […]

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  • The Drums Are Like Amazingly Fantastic And You Should Hear Them

    Very few records approach perfection in the world of pop music—perfection in this case meaning nary a wasted note or excess, and a purity that seems almost divinely inspired—but the Drums’ new album Encyclopedia is absolutely a contender. The third full album to be released under the Drums’ name, Encyclopedia aggressively combines opposites to its […]

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  • New Nickelback Kicks Off Big Week

    Nickelback: No Fixed Address (Republic) There is something fascinatingly average about Nickelback—that well-known Canadian combo that oddly seem best known now for inspiring overall audience antipathy rather than fervent love, but sell records like maple-syrup covered hotcakes nonetheless. They are by no means bad: They make the right noises on their instruments, lead vocalist Chad […]

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  • Pink Floyd’s Final Fling: The Last Album

    Pink Floyd: The Endless River (Columbia) It says something for the cultural impact Pink Floyd has had that on the very first day of the release of this set—a “new” album, offered up in various formats including Deluxe CD, Blu-Ray and, of course, vinyl—Amazon already has rolled up 104 customer reviews and counting. Most of […]

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