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Danyel Smith


  • The Rise and Righteousness of Mariah Carey

    Read an excerpt from the esteemed music journalist Danyel Smith's new book, 'Shine Bright: A Very Personal History of Black Women in Pop'

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  • Hey Man, Smell My Finger

    Not content with being hip-hop's guardian bogyman, funk progenitor George Clinton has landed his still-intact Mothership right in the middle of the present. Hey Man … Smell My Finger is Clinton's clearly stated "Here!" at contemporary pop music's roll call. It is also his declaration of survival. There's no "Flash Light" or "Atomic Dog" or […]

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  • Martin Lawrence

    The comic on Richard Pryor, black audiences and the freedom of stand-up

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  • Party out of Bounds

    On the Bus and out of Control With the Cypress Hill-House of Pain Tour

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