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Daisann McLane


  • Mas Canciones

    Linda Ronstadt probably has the most beautiful and technically accomplished voice ever to grace a Mexican ranchera. On Más Canciones, her second collection of Mexican songs, Ronstadt's pristine, bell-shaped chest tones, clear falsetto and controlled sobs compete with the crystalline strings and trumpets of the Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan orchestra for sheer prettiness. The trouble […]

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  • The Power and the Gloria

    The story of how Emilio Estefan guided his wife, Gloria, to pop stardom goes beyond the clichés of showbiz. It's a saga worthy of a soap opera, complete with tragedy and romance, success and betrayal

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  • Heart Attack

    How two sisters from Seattle teamed up to take on the world

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  • Fleetwood Mac: They Dared To Be Different

    Fleetwood Mac is more than the sum of its parts

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  • Session Musicians: Rock's Invisible Elite

    Behind every great album, theme song, and commercial jingle is a group of unsung heroes

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  • Cheap Trick Find Heaven

    Japan Surrenders to Rick-ka, Buneee, Tom-ma and Ro-been

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