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Crystal Nicholson


  • Breaking Artist: Ingrid Michaelson

    Who: Staten Island, New York singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson got her big break when "Keep Breathing" was discovered on MySpace and used during a pivotal moment of the Grey's Anatomy season finale. The twenty-seven-year-old also scored an Old Navy commercial with "The Way I Am," helping to rocket her second LP Girls and Boys to the […]

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  • Even Prison Cannot Halt Foxy Brown’s Crime Spree

    Yes, she's in jail, but no, Foxy Brown is not done acting up. The fiesty rapper was sentenced to seventy-six days of solitary confinement at Rikers Island last week after committing three in-prison violations. The first was a physical altercation with another inmate that went down on the way to the dining hall (it was […]

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  • On the Bus With Paolo Nutini: Kid Rock Stories, Drinks, “Guitar Hero” Battles

    After Amy Winehouse called her tour off due to that pesky exhaustion problem, twenty-year-old Scottish singer-songwriter Paolo Nutini forged ahead alone for what is now a headlining tour of North America. "New Shoes" Nutini (who is now booked for the Led Zeppelin-headling tribute show to his record label mentor, Ahmet Ertegun) let Rock & Roll […]

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  • Foxy Brown Sentenced to One Year in Jail

    Apparently violating your probation with violent BlackBerry-hurling incidents and bizarre traffic stops has severe consequences: The Associated Press reports that a pregnant Foxy Brown (real name: Inga Marchand) has been sentenced to one year in jail by a Brooklyn, New York judge. Brown returned to prison August 22 for throwing a BlackBerry at a neighbor […]

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  • Notorious B.I.G. Biopic-Makers Searching For Un-Notorious Star

    The story of "heart throb never, black and ugly as ever" rapper the Notorious B.I.G. will finally grace the silver screen. Notorious will focus on the private life of the Brooklyn icon, but Fox Searchlight Pictures is still scrambling to fill the part of the lyrical legend. So producers of the biopic, which has been […]

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