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Christina Kelly


  • Q&A: Melissa Etheridge

    The celebrated singer-songwriter on motherhood, sexuality and playing Joplin

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  • The Colour And The Shape

    Foo Fighters' second album begins with a song about fear. "I've never been so scared," sings Dave Grohl on "Doll," a supershort ballad about a dare he shouldn't have taken. The dare is not identified. Could it have been starting Foo Fighters after a career as Nirvana's drummer? Or is it something a little more […]

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  • Spice

    Following in the footsteps of Take That and New Kids on the Block — two other bubblegum-pop groups that were also huge in England — Spice Girls offer a watered-down mix of hip-hop and cheesy pop balladry. And like New Kids on the Block, Spice Girls are five attractive young things, each with a distinct […]

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  • Telegram

    With Telegram, edgy Icelandic woman-child Björk continues to push the post-rock envelope. Her new album consists mostly of remixed versions of songs from her second solo LP, Post. But unlike many remix albums, Telegram is no slapdash effort: Björk recorded new vocals for many of the songs and collaborated with a well-chosen array of artists […]

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