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Ben Edmonds


  • Box Set

    Buffalo Springfield are that rarest of beasts: an influential 1960s band whose recorded legacy hasn't been recycled into dust. Classic-rock radio stations don't dig much deeper than their one bona fide hit, "For What It's Worth," preferring instead to play the songs of the band's splintered progeny: Crosby, Stills and Nash, Poco, Neil Young and […]

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  • Live: 03/06/00 SE+CC Arena - Glasgow, Scotland

    Pearl Jam's late-spring 2000 tour is remembered for the mosh-pit tragedy that claimed the lives of nine fans in Denmark. But up until then, the tour had been a musical triumph, a nightly celebration of the deep bond between this band and its audience. The proof is in the band's latest project, the release of […]

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  • Wish You Were Here

    Without Pink Floyd we would not have the European sci-fi multitudes (Hawkwind, Can, Amon Duul II and all their little friends) to kick around. They were the first to explore the upper reaches of the chemical heavens, and their commercial and artistic superiority, if ever it was in doubt, was brutally confirmed by Dark Side […]

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  • How Hard It Is

    It has righteously ranked my ass to see the shabby treatment accorded Big Brother and the Holding Company over the course of the past four years. In the days when the name of Janis Joplin was fastened to every lip, Big Brother were referred to as "the boys in the band" (that is, if they […]

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  • Wildlife

    The outcome of the battle has yet to be conclusively determined, but my scorecard gives the race for "The Most Beloved Rock And Roll Band In All The English Isles" to Mott The Hoople by two full lengths over Free. On this, their third album, they apparently feel sure enough of themselves to venture away […]

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  • What About Me

    Quicksilver displayed acute weakness on their previous album and they remain very much in evidence on What About Me. Though the group has polished up considerably — at times nearly to the point of respectability — a simple coat of polish cannot disguise the fact that they haven't solved their problems. The amateurish production which […]

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