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Barney Hoskyns


  • The Masterplan

    One day we may look back, in wonder if not in anger, at the collective hallucination that heralded Oasis as the new Beatles; notwithstanding the soaring euphoria of songs like "Live Forever" and "Wonderwall." Given the backlash against lads rock that followed last year's underwhelming Be Here Now, we're certainly not ready for the leftover […]

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  • Mezzanine

    Elder statesmen of the moody dance genre that used to trade under the facile name of trip-hop, Massive Attack like to take their time making albums — so long, indeed, that they perpetually run the risk of being overtaken by the very people (Björk, Tricky, Portishead, et al.) they've influenced. One of Massive Attack's strengths, […]

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  • Butterfly

    On what is something of a transitional album, the recently separated Mariah Carey moves still further away from the warmed-over Whitney Houston of Carey's early recordings and firmly into the milieu of modern, hip-hop-inflected R&B. The surprise is that she does it rather well. Carey couldn't have wished for a better start than "Honey," the […]

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  • Pop

    It is hard to believe we're a whole decade away from The Joshua Tree — U2's very own Born in the U.S.A., their Purple Rain, their defining moment of megastardom. Seems like only yesterday that the band was gazing out from the wide-screen desertscape sleeve of the 15 million-selling album: four Dublin boys against the […]

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