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Barbara O'Dair


  • Kim Gordon: The Godmother of Grunge on Feminism in Rock

    'The whole do-it-yourself thing took a lot of ideas from feminism'

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  • To Bring You My Love

    "Call me Lazarus," growls Polly Jean Harvey on the astonishing To Bring You My Love. It's funny, it's impressive, and we should take her at her word. Never a shrinking violet on record — and perhaps tired of being called a slip of a girl — Harvey bawls and shouts and moans her way through […]

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  • Bedtime Stories

    After the drubbing she has taken in the last few years, Madonna deserves to be mighty mad. And wounded anger is shot through her new album, Bedtime Stories, as she works out survival strategies. While always a feminist more by example than by word or deed, Madonna seems genuinely shocked at the hypocritical prudishness of […]

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  • Whip-Smart

    First there was her voice, which mixed girlish glee with irony, both pleasingly conversational and strange in its deadpan rendering of a tumultuous emotional landscape. Then there was her eye, which observed in dead-on detail real-life stories of desire and relationships and fame and things even more ordinary, like bad roommates. Then there was her […]

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  • Voodoo Lounge

    Gone are the smooth moves, trendy nods and lackluster songcraft of Dirty Work and Steel Wheels, the Rolling Stones' last two studio discs. The band's new album, Voodoo Lounge, is ragged and glorious, reveling in the quintessential rock & roll the Stones marked as their own some 30 years ago. Plumbing the past to cop […]

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  • Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star

    In the dozen-odd years that Sonic Youth have been shaping noise into music, the band's sound has grown along with its original vision — nothing short of the redefinition of rock & roll. Now, the Sonics' third album for Geffen, Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star (not nicknames for the group's foursome, as one […]

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