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Anni Layne


  • Where Pumpkins Fear to Tread

    Billy Corgan and Cheap Trick's Rick Nielsen say Enuff Z'Nuff

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  • Days of the New Split Apart

    Travis Meeks Continues with New Album, New Band

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  • Funkadelic Rally Around the Mothership

    George Clinton Heads Up Millennial Reunion

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  • Black Crowes' Rich Robinson Sings the Praises of the Gospel

    Rich Robinson is scurrying around his Atlanta home cooking chili, consulting with a plumber, picking up after his toddler son and modestly discussing his latest labor of love, the new Black Crowes album, By Your Side. Off the road for just two days, the twenty-nine-year-old guitarist is making up for lost time. And yawning a […]

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  • Pearl Jam's Jeff Ament Readies New Side Project Album

    "We call this band the love affair," Three Fish frontman Robbi Robb says with his seductive South African inflection. "Pearl Jam is Jeff's marriage, and Tribe After Tribe is mine. Three Fish is the other woman." The story of Three began in 1992, when Robb purchased the Pearl Jam album Ten in order to impress […]

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  • Women Just Want to Have Fun

    Cyndi Lauper is experiencing a midlife crisis, and that's fine by her. The effervescent, jangly redhead who totally spazzed on MTV fifteen years ago is now — gulp! — forty-five years old and the mother of an eleven-month-old baby boy. She's also, as of last month, a willing refugee from Sony Records. "Merry Christmas. . […]

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  • Jordan Knight: Don't Call Him Just Another New Kid

    Ten years ago, Boston's most revered and most mocked music acts dueled to the proverbial death as Aerosmith's schmaltzy "Angel" and New Kids on the Block's even schmaltzier "I'll Be Loving You (Forever)" did battle on the Billboard 100 charts. Six years later, after shortening their name to NKOTB as a final attempt to bolster […]

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  • Rock of Ages?

    Bret Michaels says a Def Leppard, Crue, Poison, Whitesnake tour is in discussion

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  • Cyberspace Oddity: Behind New Bowie

    Aspiring Webhead to add sound and vision to new David Bowie tune

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  • Madonna Tops Video Awards List

    She has grabbed her crotch, belted out her most controversial ditties and basked in the media's blinding limelight at countless MTV Video Music Award shows over the years. On Tuesday, the cable music giant returned the favor with nine award nominations for Madonna's 1998 video contributions — "Ray of Light" and "Frozen." The MTV princess, […]

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