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Last Night, the Grammys Turned Back Into an Awards Show

There were some incredible moments, from the hip-hop medley to a nearly perfect In Memorium segment. But with too much shtick and not enough music, the 2023 Grammys missed the high mark of recent editions

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Steven Soderbergh Talks Sex, Superheroes and His ‘Below Deck’ Fandom

Oscar-winning director dishes on new film Magic Mike’s Last Dance, why this year’s Oscars is a big deal, recommending the Russo brothers to Kevin Feige and more


Grammys 2023: The Best, Worst, and Most WTF Moments

Bad Bunny's blazing performance, Kim Petras' powerful speech, and a spectacular tribute to hip-hop made this night sing. But about that Album of the Year win....

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Eight Women Say the Same Man Raped or Assaulted Them. Now They’re Out for Justice

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The 25 Most Stylish Musicians of 2023

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Trump’s Killing Spree: The Inside Story of His Race to Execute Every Prisoner He Could

Before 2020, there had been three federal executions in 60 years. Then Trump put 13 people to death in six months

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How boygenius Became the World’s Most Exciting Supergroup

On their own, Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus are three accomplished singer-songwriters. Together, they're a one-of-a-kind band powered by friendship, sick books, and sicker songs


The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time

From Sinatra to SZA, from R&B to salsa to alt-rock

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