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These Models Spoke Out About Their Sexual Assaults and Say They Were Blacklisted

Four models discuss the price they paid for coming forward about their alleged sexual assaults by powerful fashion-industry figures

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Inside the ‘Party Down’ Revival’s Top-Secret Season-Finale Surprise

A familiar face pops up in the final episode of the beloved Starz series’ third season, and we spoke to the cast and creators all about it


‘Yellowjackets’ Finally Goes Full Cannibalism: ‘We Scared the Crew’

Showrunner and star of the Showtime hit series open up about its most gruesome episode yet. [Warning: Spoilers Ahead]


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Fight for the Planet

Will an Oil Racket Destroy One of Africa’s Most Sacred Places?

A Canadian company has begun drilling near the protected Okavango River Delta, promising jobs for locals and endless fossil fuel for investors. So far, there’s been no oil — but there have been big profits for the founders


Fake Bands, Real Songs: The 50 Best Tunes by Made-Up Musicians

From the Archies to the Wonders to Daisy Jones & the Six


The Feds Say Pras Is a Foreign Agent. Now the Fugee Tells His Side

Ahead of his trial, the Grammy-winning rapper talks for the first time about going from Fugee glory to backroom dealmaker to a possible 22 years in prison

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Ed Sheeran Confesses: Tears, Trauma, and Those Bad Habits

When he became a dad, his ‘party boy’ days ended. Then tragedy struck, forcing him to face his hidden dark side — and hit his hottest creative streak.


50 Genuinely Horrible Albums by Brilliant Artists

Dylan, Lennon, Bowie, Outkast — even the greatest of greats screw up sometimes. These are the epic duds that diehard fans would like to pretend never happened.

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