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Meet the Folks Lining Up for Elon Musk’s Brain Implant

Neuralink Corp. has been cleared by the FDA to start human trials for its medical technology — and there's no shortage of potential volunteers 

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‘Past Lives’ Is Already the Best Movie of the Year

Playwright Celine Song’s debut feature reunites former childhood crushes after their moment’s passed — and is a masterpiece about fate, love, and heartbreak


Janelle Monáe Wants to Tour in Africa, and Nine Other Things You Learn Hanging Out With the Superstar

Plus: Dodging bricks, getting fired from Office Depot, and more outtakes from our June cover story

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How a High School Mariachi Team Triumphed in Uvalde

Led by one tireless teacher, a group of teenage musicians came together and became the pride of a Texas town that had suffered unthinkable tragedy


‘Succession’ Characters Ranked From Least Despicable to Most

There are a lot of terrible characters on HBO’s stellar series ‘Succession.’ In honor of its series finale, here’s our ranking of all of ‘em


Tina Turner: 15 Essential Songs

The rock and soul icon, who has died at age 83, leaves behind a catalog full of unmatchable power and incredible vocals

Cover Story

Janelle Monáe Is Back From the Future and Ready to Play

Ahead of her most sumptuous album yet, the superstar goes deep on the evolution that’s made her more nude, more present, and less anxious


The 200 Greatest Singers of All Time

From Sinatra to SZA, from R&B to salsa to alt-rock

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