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22 Best Movies of 2022

From an epic Tollywood blockbuster to a modest Iranian road movie, Cate Blanchett behaving badly to Michelle Yeoh saving the multiverse — these were the movies that made our year

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The Pavement Musical ‘Slanted! Enchanted!’ Is Totally Insane and It Should Run Forever

Mamma Mia! meets Wowee Zowee at three-day workshop/ultimate absurdist theater experience

  • We Dance

New York Drill’s Complicated Relationship With YouTube

Bronx rapper Sha Gz’s “New Opp” music video was removed from the platform just as the song started to go viral. “I re-uploaded it two times. I tried my best”

  • Content Wars

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Fly on, songbird

Farewell, Christine McVie, the Songbird Who Knew the Score

She was an oasis of sanity in Fleetwood Mac's dysfunctional family and a universally beloved piano woman who wrote so many classics that you can spend years catching up with her greatness

Impostor Syndrome

Faking the Funk: How Bootsy Collins Impostors Pulled Off the Ultimate Music Biz Scam

With star-shaped shades and platform boots, the Bootsy fakes bilked friends and family out of money over decades


Kanye West Used Porn, Bullying, ‘Mind Games’ to Control Staff

Former Yeezy team members claim West showed them explicit images of Kim Kardashian and used fear and manipulation to assert dominance. A scathing open letter to Adidas claims execs "turned their moral compass off”

Cover story

Selena Gomez Wasn’t Sure She Was Ready To Tell This Story

She’s wrestled with bipolar disorder, life-threatening illness, and tabloid hell. Now, she’s opening up about all of it in incredible ways


The 100 Greatest TV Theme Songs of All Time

From Seventies sitcoms with expository jams to modern prestige classics with experimental scores, from 'Sanford and Son' to 'Succession,' from 'Match Game' to 'Game of Thrones'

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