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‘John Wick: Chapter 4’: How Keanu Reeves’ Stunt Double Became Hollywood’s Hottest Action Director

Chad Stahelski talks about his rise, how he pulled off the incredible sequences in the new John Wick, and whether this is the end of the line for our hero


Jimin Is Ready to Show the World Who He’s Become

The multi-talented star and BTS member talks about his solo debut album Face — and shares how much his bandmates supported his creative process

  • Jimin's Journey

Is Reality-TV Sex Safe?

While Hollywood has intimacy coordinators on sets to oversee sex scenes, reality television — where lines of consent can be blurred — has far less protections


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Andrew Tate Built an Empire on Bullshit. Here’s the Real Story

The misogynist influencer’s legal team claims he created a character to sell his gospel, but will separating fact from fiction finally bring him down? 


Fake Bands, Real Songs: The 50 Best Tunes by Made-Up Musicians

From the Archies to the Wonders to Daisy Jones & the Six


The 50 Best Lana Del Rey Songs

The finest moments so far from the reigning queen of summertime sadness

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Ed Sheeran Confesses: Tears, Trauma, and Those Bad Habits

When he became a dad, his ‘party boy’ days ended. Then tragedy struck, forcing him to face his hidden dark side — and hit his hottest creative streak.


50 Genuinely Horrible Albums by Brilliant Artists

Dylan, Lennon, Bowie, Outkast — even the greatest of greats screw up sometimes. These are the epic duds that diehard fans would like to pretend never happened.

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