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Pavement Go Back to Their Gold Soundz in Historic Brooklyn Stand

Playing New York for the first time in 12 years, the Nineties heroes delivered twin-guitar jams, fan faves, dollops of romance, phoneless ballads, top-shelf banter, and much more over four gloriously surreal nights

Loretta Lynn, Country Music’s Groundbreaking ‘Coal Miner’s Daughter,’ Dead at 90

Known for hits like "Fist City" and "The Pill," Lynn was a beacon of women empowerment


Bret Michaels Was Singing ‘Every Rose Has Its Thorn’ to Loretta Lynn Weeks Before She Died

"She was sitting there in a blanket and we started talking. She said, ‘Let’s do a song together,'" recalls the Poison frontman

  • I Won't Forget You

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The 100 Greatest TV Shows of All Time

A ranking of the most game-changing, side-splitting, tear-jerking, mind-blowing, world-building, genre-busting programs in television history, from the medium’s inception in the early 20th century through the ever-metastasizing era of Peak TV

The Shit-Stirrer

Michael Fanone Is Not Your Fucking Hero

He almost lost his life defending the Capitol on Jan. 6. Now, he’s a #resistance star — and he hates it


Aretha Franklin Was Tracked By the FBI for 40 Years. Here’s What’s In Her File

The agency tried — and failed — for decades to tie the Queen of Soul to "extremists"

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Stephen Curry Is Putting It All on the Line

The NBA superstar has changed the game of basketball for the better. Now, can he help change America?

Just Can't Get Enough

100 Best Songs of 1982

All-time classics, buried treasures, cult favorites, and one-hit wonders — from Prince and Duran Duran to Kate Bush and the Go-Go's to the Replacements and R.E.M.

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