About Women Who Rock

The editors at Rolling Stone picked six female fronted-bands and female solo acts to compete for the flip-cover of Rolling Stone’s Women In Rock issue. It's up to you to choose the winner.

In a tournament style, we'll narrow the artists down through elimination rounds, so get to know the artists and vote for your favorites.

When your votes narrow it down to the last two musicians standing, the finalists will compete in a battle of the bands at the 2012 Chicago Rolling Stone Rock Room taking place around the time of the Lollapalooza Festival. The ultimate winner, in addition to appearing on the flip-cover of Rolling Stone’s Women Who Rock issue, will also perform at a Rolling Stone private concert.

In this contest, artists will advance as follows:

Round One: Members of the public can rate each of the artists on a scale of one-to-five stars. Based upon the quality and quantity of the public ratings, two of the six artists will become finalists and advance to the Finals.

Finals: Members of the public can vote for their favorite finalist. The finalist with the most votes will be the winner.

The Voting Periods: When Can I Rate an Artist Online?

  • •Round 1: June 22 to July 23 (at 11:59 p.m. EST)
  • •Finals: July 31 to September 10 (at 11:59 p.m. EST)

Where Do I Vote: You can rate the artists in Round One and vote in the Finals on the Rolling Stone site at: www.rollingstone.com/womenwhorock. Another way to vote for an artist is on participating third party websites that have elected to embed our rating mechanism (or “widget”).

Questions about Round One

What Factors Should I Consider in Rating An Artist?

You should rate artists based upon their musical appeal to you. We have created an Artist Page for each of the artists, which includes music videos, biographical information and other material about each artist. The Artist Pages are accessible via www.rollingstone.com/womenwhorock. The information and material on those pages should help you determine your rating decision.

How often can I rate an Artist?

You may rate any particular artist only once in the first round.

Can I Rate More Than One Artist?

You may rate each and every artist that is participating in the first round. Or rate just one. It’s up to you


We reserve the right to disqualify, block or remove any ratings emanating from the use of automated means, or that are otherwise tampering with the vote process. Rules and procedures are subject to change at the sole discretion of Rolling Stone. All dates are subject to change at the sole discretion of Rolling Stone.

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