Watch Ryan Reynolds, Conan O'Brien Make Out in 'Notebook' Parody

'Deadpool' star pushes terrible projects like anti-Dolphin documentary, children's album about Civil War wounds

Ryan Reynolds and Conan O'Brien delivered an epic and sloppy reenactment of 'The Notebook' on 'Conan' Wednesday.

Ryan Reynolds and Conan O'Brien delivered a gloriously sloppy reenactment of The Notebook's "Why didn't you write me?" scene on Conan Wednesday. The extended clip capped off a bit about Reynolds' "upcoming projects" that also included a line of thinly sliced ham underwear and an album of children's songs about Civil War wounds. 

Reynolds also teased a few movies, including an anti-dolphin documentary and a sex tape with the cast of Fox and Friends called Where's My Thumb?. O'Brien refused to a roll a clip from either. The host reluctantly rolled the clip from The Notebook 2 after Reynolds informed O'Brien that he'd filmed it during their absinthe-fueled vacation to Tijuana a few years back. 

With Reynolds as Noah and O'Brien as Allison, the pair stood in the rain and recreated the famous scene line-for-line before engaging in a long and grabby make-out session. "How's my stomach taste?" Reynolds asked O'Brien. "You have the longest tongue in show business, my God!"