Wet Hot TV Summer Preview: From 'True Detective' to Caitlyn Jenner

Everything you need to know about this season's smoking-hot must-see TV shows

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'True Detective'
Lacey Terrell/HBO7/13

'True Detective'

June 21st, 10 pm, HBO
The summer's most intensely awaited show by a mile. True Detective faces a damn near impossible task: how to start over and begin a new mystery that can live up to Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. Nobody's ever attempted an encore like this before, and nobody knows how the results will look. Creator Nic Pizzolatto is back to write all the episodes, while Cary Fukunaga is executive-producing instead of directing. The cast is promising, with Taylor Kitsch and a mustache-chewing Colin Farrell. And Vince Vaughn reteams with Rachel McAdams, all these years after he met her in church for Wedding Crashers.

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