Wet Hot TV Summer Preview: From 'True Detective' to Caitlyn Jenner

Everything you need to know about this season's smoking-hot must-see TV shows

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Murray Close/Netflix13/13


June 5th, Netflix
These are skimpy days for science fiction on TV, so it's been a minute since there's been a project with the ambition of Sense8, from the Matrix creators Andy and Lana Wachowski. Eight different people from all around the world suddenly find themselves sharing senses, from a Korean martial-arts queen (Doona Bae) to a Bay Area trans woman (Jamie Clayton) to an Icelandic DJ (Tuppence Middleton). How did their identities meld? What happened to link their senses, and what does that mean for their individual lives? Who is this Mr. Whispers and why are his assassins hunting them down? With each character boasting wildly different backstories, it's The Matrix by way of Orange Is the New Black.