Wet Hot TV Summer Preview: From 'True Detective' to Caitlyn Jenner

Everything you need to know about this season's smoking-hot must-see TV shows

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Myles Aronowitz12/13


June 6th, 9 pm, Starz
50 Cent's crime drama returns, with more money, more problems — and a surprisingly big upgrade in the drama level. Ghost (Omari Hardwick) lives a double life as a nightclub owner who's also a drug dealer — wait, that's a double life? At any rate, the combo gets him in trouble: His underworld connections keep him from going legit. Especially when he falls for Angela (Lela Loren), a childhood girlfriend who grew up to be a federal attorney.

Power's first season got better as it went along, but the second installment gets a major boost from Fiddy himself, as Ghost's old gangbanging partner Kanan. He just got out of prison after 10 years, and he's got plans to start a whole new thug life. Maybe part of the reason Power got sharper is the fact that Empire blew up — amplified by 50 Cent feuding with Taraji P. "Cookie" Henson over the similarities. But whatever the reason, Power has definitely stepped up its game. Best moment: Fiddy commands a henchman to hold his coat while he beats a rival gangster to a pulp, then walks back calmly waving a wad of bills, saying, "Let's go get some fucking egg rolls, kid! That shit made me hungry."

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