'Wet Hot American Summer' All-Star Roll Call: Then and Now

How the comedy MVP cast became huge since making the 2001 cult hit

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Michael Showalter
Saeed Adyani/Netflix13/15

Michael Showalter

Character: Gerald "Coop" Cooperberg, lovesick nice guy
Pre-WHAS: As one of the core members of The State, Showalter's main recurring character was "Doug," a whiny rebellious teen. Alongside fellow State-rs David Wain and Michael Ian Black, he formed the comedy trio Stella in 1997.
Post-WHAS: Like Wain, the WHAS co-writer has collaborated with his old friends on various TV series and movies — including a Stella show on Comedy Central that ran for 10 episodes in 2005. He also wrote, direct, and star in the 2005 film The Baxter, a screwball comedy that's deservedly developed its own cult following. He continues to teach screenwriting at NYU on the side.

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