40 Best 'Game of Thrones' Characters – Ranked and Updated

From Arya to Yara, the Night King to the Mother of Dragons, we count down the 'Game's best and worst players

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Jon Snow

2. Jon Snow

So, wait: You're telling us one of the three main characters of the epic-fantasy series is a sullen teenage outcast who wears a lot of black and worries about girls? Vacate the Iron Throne, we need to sit down. But Lord Snow, played by brooding heartthrob Kit Harington, has come along way from his pouty origins. He battled to save the realm from the invading wildlings, then fought just as hard to save his former enemies from the White Walkers and their zombie hordes – a decision that cost him his life at the hand of his racist underlings. And famously, it didn't end there. Jon was resurrected by the Red Woman, recaptured his ancestral home Winterfell from mad Ramsay Bolton and got crowned by his grateful subjects. Yet not even he knows the real truth: He's the secret son of a Targaryen prince, making him not only the King in the North but the Blood of the Dragon. His is the Song of Ice and Fire.

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