The Westeros Wing: Meet 'Game of Thrones' Real-Life D.C. Counterparts

How do the HBO show's power players stack up against Capitol Hill's heroes and villains?

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Tyrion Lannister/Bill Clinton
HBO; Rob Kim/Getty4/8

Tyrion Lannister/Bill Clinton

Two avid sensualists and perennial comeback kids – slyly brilliant, politically indestructible no matter how ugly and craven their enemies get and, of course, smooth as the finest silk a Lannister can buy when it comes to the ladies. Like Bill, Tyrion got in some hot water for tomcatting around with an office aid (whose posthumous memoir, Shae's Story, we're hoping will be released later this year). Like Tyrion, Bill outsmarted his enemies and bounced back from a trumped-up impeachment trial to fight again another day. They've got their flaws — but to love each man is to love his transgressions, and we can never get enough of these two rascals even if they drive us crazy sometimes. "Once you've accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you," Tyrion once said. We think we saw that on a Clinton campaign bunker sticker back in 1996.

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