The Westeros Wing: Meet 'Game of Thrones' Real-Life D.C. Counterparts

How do the HBO show's power players stack up against Capitol Hill's heroes and villains?

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Olenna Tyrell/Lyndon B. Johnson
HBO; Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone/Getty5/8

Olenna Tyrell/Lyndon B. Johnson

If only today's politics had master negotiators like these two fool-playing, nut-cutting, power-brokering wheeler-dealers. In the first volume of Robert Caro's epic, multi-part Johnson biography, an old LBJ associate says that when the future president first hit Washington D.C., even his close friends were never sure if he was a liberal or a conservative; the Texan excelled at telling whoever he was schmoozing up whatever it was he knew they wanted to hear at that moment. Same goes for the aged, ageless matriarch of the Tyrell family, who seems able to play everyone in King's Landing like a fiddle. "I always take figs mid-afternoon. They help move the bowels," Olenna informed us in Season Three. She should mix business and pleasure, and start taking meetings while sitting on the toilet like LBJ did.

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