The Westeros Wing: Meet 'Game of Thrones' Real-Life D.C. Counterparts

How do the HBO show's power players stack up against Capitol Hill's heroes and villains?

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Mance Rayder/Rand Paul
HBO; Michael B. Thomas/AFP/Getty6/8

Mance Rayder/Rand Paul

Two brave, vaguely unhinged voices from the freedom-loving frontier of libertarian revolution. (Their first names are even kind of the same.) Mance Rayder is that independent thinker who left the Night's Watch to build a maniac coalition out of the far-flung hairball snow tribes that reside Beyond the Wall – something akin to the magic Rand Paul pulled off sewing together his insurgent crazy-quilt of "Audit the Fed" freakniks, gun nuts, Atlas Shrugged stoners and isolationists. And the Kentucky senator would really do well in Westeros, given that everyone there is on the gold standard. So, it's odd, then, that while the "Show Your Support" page on his new presidential website has buttons marked "Runners For Rand," "Musicians For Rand" and "Jewish for Rand," among many others, there's no  "Wildlings For Rand" option — yet.

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