The Westeros Wing: Meet 'Game of Thrones' Real-Life D.C. Counterparts

How do the HBO show's power players stack up against Capitol Hill's heroes and villains?

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Grand Maester Pycelle/John McCain
HBO; John Leyba/The Denver Post/Getty7/8

Grand Maester Pycelle/John McCain

He's deep into his Depend years, doddering, senile and wrong about pretty much everything. But when it's Sunday talk-show time in Westeros, codger-y court pundit Grand Measter Pycelle always gets the best bookings, ready to dispense sage wisdom on which kingdom to invade or who ought to get slipped a nightshade Mickey. He meanders, he dithers, he drools into his wine cup, and in the end he always comes up with policy advice that somehow falls exactly in line with whatever consensus move the most reactionary powers-that-be already had planned hours before he puttered into the room. Does any of this sound familiar?

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