The Best TV of 2014 So Far

From purple weddings to female perps, Rob Sheffield lists the highlights of an already abundant year of great TV

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'Louie' (FX)
KC Bailey/FX9/20

9. 'Louie' (FX)

After stretching out last season — opening up emotionally as well as formally, looking for adventure in locales like Miami or China or that rooftop with Parker Posey — Louis C.K. closes ranks and goes dark with radical moves like his six-part mini-film with Ellen Burstyn and Charles Grodin. Practically every scene dares you to turn it off in favor of something easier to take. It's the show's artiest, harshest, most experimental, most hostile, most unaccomodating, most stubborn, most claustrophobic, most egocentric, least comical and most divisive run to date. In short, it's Louie's most extreme season — which is what makes it extremely Louis C.K.-like.

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