Stupid Sidekick Tricks: David Letterman’s 10 Best Second Bananas

From 'Bud' Melman to Dave's mom, the supporting characters who made the show — and the host — funnier

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7. Pat Farmer and Kenny Sheehan

Sure, it's a cheap, dumb joke — but it's a great cheap, dumb joke. Late Show stagehands Pat Farmer and Kenny Sheehan were just regular-looking dudes without much personality. So how did Dave turn these guys into supporting-player MVPs, you ask? By having them read interview transcripts from The Oprah Winfrey Show in their flat, dry style, and the result was a recurring bit that somehow never got old. The contrast between the daytime-TV superstar/megamogul's super-charged enthusiasm and the duo's gloriously deadpan delivery perfectly mocked Winfrey's cloyingly consistent sunniness. And Kenny's ever-present cigarette, dangling just so from the corner of his mouth, only underlined how little guys like him cared about celebrity nonsense.

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