Shafted: 15 TV Stand-Outs Who Deserved More Emmys

'The Wire,' Jon Hamm, MTV — you won't believe these these landmarks and legends have been given so little Emmy love

Seth MacFarlane and 'Family Guy'

Amazingly, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane has just as many Grammy nominations (three) as his long running comedy has Outstanding Animated Series nods. In both cases, both MacFarlane and Family Guy left the award shows empty handed. The Simpsons and South Park had a stranglehold on the Outstanding Animated category during FG's peak years, and now the emergence of cartoons like Archer and Bob's Burgers (which deservedly won the 2014 Emmy in this category) have left MacFarlane's most famous show without so much as a nomination. While the show's Emmy days might be over, it hasn't been a total shutout for MacFarlane: He won Outstanding Voice-Over Performance in 2000 for his work as Stewie Griffin and Outstanding Music & Lyrics in 2002 for the Family Guy episode "You've Got a Lot to See."

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