Shafted: 15 TV Stand-Outs Who Deserved More Emmys

'The Wire,' Jon Hamm, MTV — you won't believe these these landmarks and legends have been given so little Emmy love

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For over 30 years, MTV has been an epicenter of youth culture and a hub for truly original television. Who cares if the "M" in MTV is underrepresented these days; the network's cutting edge programming helped spawn reality TV with The Real World, rebooted the traditional cartoon with Beavis & Butt-Head and Daria, and opened the door to the likes of Jon Stewart, Tom Green and the cult comedy group the State. Yet, for all their risks and superlative programming, MTV has largely been ignored by the Emmys. Sure, MTV Unplugged scored a couple Creative Emmys, and Liquid TV was once nominated for in the Outstanding Animated Series category. But such MTV staples as Jersey Shore, Punk'd, Austin Stories, 120 Minutes, that season of The Real World: Los Angeles with Jon the country singer, and countless other iconic shows never scored an Emmy.

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