Shafted: 15 TV Stand-Outs Who Deserved More Emmys

'The Wire,' Jon Hamm, MTV — you won't believe these these landmarks and legends have been given so little Emmy love

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Jon Hamm

It's remarkable that the actor behind one of TV's most iconic characters ever has never been the recipient of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. Hamm earned six nominations for his portrayal of Don Draper on Mad Men but has zero wins to show for them. Three of those potential Emmys went to another TV legend – Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston – while the others went to Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler, Homeland's Damian Lewis, and Jeff Daniels of The Newsroom. Cool characters, but they're no Don Draper. Hamm is once again nominated for Outstanding Lead Actor this year, but he faces stiff competition from Cranston yet again and the True Detective boys. Luckily for Hamm, Don Draper – who will get a nod for part two of Mad Men's final season – won't have to worry about Walter White or Rust Cohle in 2015.

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