20 Best TV Shows of 2016

From Samantha Bee and John Oliver raging against the machine to the greatest hip-hip sitcom ever, the year's small-screen winners

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4. 'Black Mirror' (Netflix)

The scariest twist of Black Mirror: It looked less and less like science fiction as the year went on. The British anthology horror series blew up in its third season, focusing on dystopian technology scenarios that seem so terrifying because most of them feel like no more than 10 minutes in the future. Especially the "Nosedive" episode, where all your personal interactions get a Yelp-style one-to-five star rating. (Best line: "I don't know what's up with you, but I cannot have a 2.6 at my wedding!") Black Mirror makes you a little less fascinated in scrolling through your phone and a little more curious about the people walking around you.

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