Readers' Poll: The 10 Best TV Spin-Offs

See what show managed to beat 'Better Call Saul,' 'Angel' and even 'The Simpsons'

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9. 'The Facts of Life'

The 1970s were the golden age of the spin-off. Almost any time a series became any sort of hit, networks were scheming ways to spin it off. That's what happened with The Facts of Life, which was spun-off from Diff'rent Strokes after just one season. They took the maid, played by Charlotte Rae, and turned her into the housemother at a private all-girls school. The last episode of the first season of Diff'rent Strokes was essentially the pilot, though they brought in many different girls before centering the show around Blair, Tootie, Jo and Natalie. It ran from 1979 to 1988, and during that time, no less than six additional spin-offs were attempted. Not a single one made it, but you gotta admire the effort. 

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