My Favorite 'Mr. Show' Sketches: Maynard Keenan, Sarah Silverman Sound Off

Fans, comedians and cast members weigh in on their favorite bits In honor of the cult sketch show's 20th anniversary

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Sarah Silverman

Comedian, Actress; appeared in several Mr. Show sketches
I was so lucky to be a part of Mr. Show, and just to be a part of this crowd of vital inspired comedians. I have so many favorite sketches but the one that sticks out in my mind is one where Jay Johnston comes home from climbing Mount Everest and his parents gather to hear about his amazing adventure and — get ready for it — he keeps knocking over this shelf of knickknacks. That's it; the bit is really that simple. But it is physical comedy at its most brilliant. I would love to know what the pitch for that sketch sounded like. 

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