Must-See Fall TV: From Slasher Spoofs to 'Evil Dead'

Superheroes, sitcoms, Wesley Snipes in Vegas — everything you need to know about the TV season's best

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'Crazy Ex-Girlfrend'

'Crazy Ex-Girlfrend'

Mon., 8 p.m., The CW
Give this one full points for audacity, as Rachel Bloom tries to revive the musical sitcom, boldly going where Glee and Smash and even Viva Laughlin didn't dare. Bloom's Rebecca is a New York City lawyer with a booming career but a not-too-steady grip on reality — she makes the show's title seem like an understatement. Still carrying a torch for the random boy who dumped her at summer camp years ago, she finally goes off the deep end, quits her job and moves across the country to stalk him. Next thing she knows, Rebecca's wandering the strip malls of a nowhere town called West Covina, California, just two hours from the beach ("four in traffic!"). And of course, she sings show tunes about her new life: "In my soul I feel a fire/'Cause I'm heading for the pride of the Inland Empire." The musical numbers are witty ("People eat at Chez Applebee/And the sky seems to smile at me"), but it's Bloom who deserves the credit for making it all work — her psycho songbird seems charming, rather than just code-red frightening.