Murderers’ Row: The Greatest Emmy Awards Lineups Ever

The strongest nominee for each major category in TV’s top honors

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Best Drama, 1995-1997

Best Drama, 1995-1997

The Lineup: Chicago Hope, ER (winner, 1996), Law & Order (winner, 1997), NYPD Blue (winner, 1995), The X-Files

For three years, the same five shows were all but undisputed as the best TV had to offer. In the current era of seemingly infinite variety, the notion that two shows set in hospitals in Chicago and two shows set in police precincts in Manhattan each had equal claim on the throne might seem strange, but it just goes to show how beautiful the pictures that strong casts and idiosyncratic producers could paint within the broadcast networks' limited palette could be. This was prestige TV, 1990's style: Bill Clinton's in the White House and all's right with the Emmys.

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