MTV Movie Award 2015's 10 Best and Worst Moments

From Schumer's self-pleasure shout-outs to dueling De Niros, here are the highlights and lowlights of last night's show

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Worst: Promo Overload
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Worst: Promo Overload

Clearly, as The Hunger Games wind down and the memory of Twilight fades like a far distant memory, the awards are lacking for the big clip that will satisfy just one rabid fan base — so instead the show is appealing to all of them. Robert Downey Jr. actually had to boil his career down to a promo for Avengers: Age of Ultron by wrapping up his lifetime achievement award speech with a scene from the movie. MTV has a new series called Scream that no one would have been able to remain unaware of, and Dwayne Johnson presented the last award of the night against a flaming San Andreas set piece. Is shameless self-promotion the only way to secure the stars' attendance these days? Either way, MTV will not get Anna Kendrick (Pitch Perfect 2) at these shows for anything.

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