MTV Movie Award 2015's 10 Best and Worst Moments

From Schumer's self-pleasure shout-outs to dueling De Niros, here are the highlights and lowlights of last night's show

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Best: Miles Teller Just Being There
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Best: Miles Teller Just Being There

Woodley and Teller both gave breakout performances in 2013's undersung The Spectacular Now, but for the moment it appears the actress has broken out just a little more. (Still, wait until Fantastic Four hits this summer). Nonetheless, Teller was superb in Whiplash, and has even made total garbage movies like Two Night Stand more tolerable, thanks to his irrepressible charisma. He gave a very sweet introduction to Woodley's Trailblazer award, calling his Divergent costar "an incredible force of nature" and playfully acknowledging her eccentricities, like showing up to their first meeting with a Mason jar full of water. Later he took the stage with his FF costars Michael B. Jordon, Kate Mara, and Jamie Bell, who seemed to have enough chemistry to convince us that this superhero-franchise reboot might not have been a terrible idea. In short: More Miles (and Michael), always, please.

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