From Soup Nazis to Nuts: 100 Best 'Seinfeld' Characters

Close talkers, braless wonders, library cops and bad tennis pros: we rank the most memorable members of the 'Seinfeld' universe

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The Soup Nazi
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10. The Soup Nazi

Best-known episode: "The Soup Nazi"
Actor Larry Thomas only featured on one episode of Seinfeld, for a mere six scenes, but he left one of TV's most memorable characters ever in his wake. The Soup Nazi was a disciplined, eccentric, misunderstood man — "most geniuses are," Kramer explains — trying to restore order in this chaotic world one Mulligatawny at a time. He was capable of eviscerating a little man like George with a simple "Next!"; a crusader against public displays of affection and bad Al Pacino impersonations; and a soup artisan who could make Newman squeal "Jam-ba-la-ya!" and make Jerry choose bisque over women. To this day, Thomas can't go an hour in public without a stranger demanding he yell "No soup for you!" in their face. DANIEL KREPS

Larry Thomas on His Seinfeld Role

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