From Soup Nazis to Nuts: 100 Best 'Seinfeld' Characters

Close talkers, braless wonders, library cops and bad tennis pros: we rank the most memorable members of the 'Seinfeld' universe

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Dr. Abbott

67. Dr. Abbott

Best-known episode: "The Yada Yada"
"If this wasn't my son's wedding day, I'd knock your teeth out, you anti-dentite bastard." Robert Wagner made one of the all-time classic Seinfeld cameos as a snarling dentist and mentor to one Dr. Tim Whatley. Wagner, of course, is a Hollywood legend — always the dashing gentleman, the essence of polished charm, husband to Natalie Wood and Jill St. John. So it's a shocker to see Mr. Smooth as Mickey Abbott's dad, with St. John right there on his arm, staring at Jerry with cold-blooded rage. He might have less dialogue than anyone on this list, but he definitely earns his spot in the pantheon. ROB SHEFFIELD

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