Fall TV Preview 2014: The Good, the Bad & the Gotham

From 'Batman: The Wonder Years' to the 'fun-cedural' genre and Katherine Heigl superspy, this may be the craziest season yet

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'State of Affairs'
Michael Parmelee/NBC2/12

'State of Affairs'

NBC Mon., Nov. 17th, 10 p.m. 

Don't miss State of Affairs if you're a gourmet for Truly Wretched TV – if you live for the kind of fiasco you can mention in a bar three years from now, confident none of your friends will believe this show ever happened. "Katherine Heigl is a rogue CIA agent" is the new "Geena Davis is the president." Like most CIA agents who report directly to the president, Heigl is too edgy to play by the rules – you can tell because she wears a leather jacket to the White House. Nobody gets her except President Alfre Woodard, whose mortified expression is the most believable thing here. Oh, and Heigl was once engaged to the president's son – before he got killed by terrorists! Only the gods of TV badness know how long State of Affairs will last – breathe in the magic while you can.

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