School Days and Parisian Nightsuits: Every 'Freaks and Geeks' Episode, Ranked

In honor of the gone-too-soon show, we rank every episode of this cult TV classic, from good to great

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13. 'The Garage Door'

Air Date: March 13, 2000
Sam and Bill have long been convinced that Neal's got the coolest dad around, until Sam accidentally sees him at the mall…with another woman. They end up discovering a stranger's garage door opener in Dr. Schweiber's little red corvette; Neal then rides his bike around town with the opener in tow, clicking it at every garage he sees. Meanwhile, the normally stone-faced Ken admits to Lindsay that he has a crush on her tuba-playing friend Amy, and asks her to set them up. They end up going to a Pink Floyd laser show, but quickly realize that it's Southern Rock Night. What makes this episode so unique is that it gives serious screen time and storylines to Neal and Ken, who had thus far been mainly positioned as the comic reliefs of their respective social groups.
Best Line: "Remember that time in science class when I tried to sneak out a fart but it came out a poop? And then I had to flush my undies down the toilet? Do you think I wanted to tell you guys that?"

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